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Havas SO is a PR and marketing communications group that focuses on
‘life communications’ – encompassing health, wellbeing and lifestyle

We partner with our clients to solve business and strategic problems and build strong
health and wellbeing brands that people want to talk about and engage with.

Through the four complementary arms of our business, we bring together the brightest
industry talent from PR, advertising, advocacy and scientific engagement to deliver
outstanding multi-channel communication solutions which grow brands:

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SO PATIENT is a patient engagement offering, drawing on our exceptional patient inclusivity know-how, access to a network of patient opinion leaders, and the synergies that exist across the Havas SO group to create enduring value for our clients.

SO CREATIVE is a healthcare advertising and communications offering, combining strategic, creative, scientific, digital and branding expertise. We help clients use creativity to unlock the superhuman potential of healthcare brands.

SO HEALTHY is a health and wellness communications offering, combining experience and expertise in PR and medical education to create multi-channel, inspiring and impactful campaigns that tap into the superhuman in all of us.  

SO ACTIVE is a consumer, healthcare and lifestyle offering, specialising in harnessing the power of activity and sport. With growing concerns over obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and mental health, and the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle, SO Active creates superhuman connections between brands and people to help change consumer behaviour positively.


The philosophy that binds us:
BEING ‘Super Human’

We are more connected, informed and equipped to live healthier lives than at any time in history. And we believe that, when provided with the right opportunities, tools and inspiration, everyone has the power to take advantage of this and be the masters of their own destiny and wellbeing.

We believe that by tapping into and harnessing this superhuman power in all of us, healthcare brands and organisations can grow and differentiate by helping to improve lives and contribute to a better, healthier world. But the landscape is complex, the competition fierce and the pace of change frantic.

That's where we come in. 

We use our human approach along with our unique combination of communications, creative, scientific and digital expertise to unleash the potential of brands and the people they connect with. By doing so we help our clients’ brands and businesses connect, stay relevant and grow in a fast-changing world.

We celebrate all that is super about being human.



Our principles:



We like to win,
for our clients and
our people.


An inquisitive nature
keeps us interested,
enthused and inspired
to continuously learn
more about our clients
and marketplace.


Breakthrough thinking
that is strategic, creative
and practical, driven
by superhuman insights
(real life and big
and small data).


Old-fashioned to some,
but we still get a buzz
from producing high
quality work that makes
us and our
clients proud.


Caring for our employees
and those in the community
is not just the right thing
to do; it’s good for business
and for society. We create
opportunities for people
to be happy and thrive.

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Contact Us

The HKX Building,
3 Pancras Square
London, N1C 4AG

+44 (0)20 3196 8800